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01.28.2004 :: Apparently, our friend the yeti reallly likes steroids .

01.26.2004 :: Apparently, our friend the yeti takes steroids .

01.26.2004 :: A fun new penguin bashing game.

12.12.2003 :: A cool site for 3D artwork.

09.20.2003 :: Do you like to read stuff about nothing? Check Dilly's site.

08.21.2003 :: Are you a fan of the gambler?

08.15.2003 :: Check out this night time picture of the eastern seaboard blackout of 2003. Normal on the left, 08.15.2003 on the right.

04.16.2003 :: Like quotes?

04.05.2003 :: Classic game of 20 Questions. This thing successfully guessed a dingo, hamster, sprinkler and a nose. Freaky, but fun.

03.31.2003 :: I'm sorry, I just had to put this on here. Ninja fans, check it.

03.23.2003 :: Funny anti-France cartoon.

03.18.2003 :: MOAB - Massive Ordinance Air Blast. Dubbed by some as the "Mother Of All Bombs", but I've seen better... (12mb)

03.07.2003 :: My buddy Matt. If you're a Frohardt, go here.

02.09.2003 :: Matrix screensaver (287kb)

02.03.2003 :: Combined pic of the Columbia space shuttle's first and last launch

02.01.2003 :: Ping pong anyone?

01.03.2003 :: Cool video of an AC-130 gunship making a run in the early stages of the Afghanistan operation. (6mb)