Welcome to my site
Hello, and welcome to www.dingo7.com. I'm not sure why you're here, but thanks for stopping by. On this site you will find various web- and non-web-related resources. I'm just getting into B & P (if you're not sure what it is, click the link over there). I also have some good Perl and JavaScript resources free for you to steal. You can even steal the template that I used to create this page. You can do that here. Stealing has never been easier! If you don't like this, there are plenty of other templates out there, just do a google search.

I also hope to have some updates about my family. If you know me or think you have an update that needs to be posted on here, go here. Believe it or not, ohannessian.com was taken so I ended up with the next logical domain, dingo7.com. I'm sure ohannessian.com was the very first domain that was ever purchased so I missed out a long time ago.

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